Motion graphic designer. Graphic designer. Illustrator. Educator. Coach. Lighting technician. Video director. Stage hand. Producer. Video editor. Audio visual technician...

A variety of professional titles that I've worn in my life
through the different tasks that sure what you really want to
know is who is the person behind the skillset and will he fit in
with your current creative team. 

So, here is a quick look inside, or a stones throw across the water'ssurface, of
what influences me and catches my attention... First, I'm An ARTIST. I think
everyone is an artist. Everyone paints on the canvas of life with each decision
they make. 

It begins with my Faith. My faith in God, the Creator, Jesus Christ. My perspective
is shaped  through His Word.

I've been in a place of rebuilding. I've been blessed to take time and truly
breathe. Learning a new trade. I've rebuilt prescious relationships and
returned to a place I hadn't seen in years- healthy and free to go
wherever God calls me to go. I'm eager to give back and
push forward!

                                                                                                       With no distractions, here are the basics that catch my                                                                                                                                         attention... Favorite songs: Deep Water by Landon McNamara, Closer To                                                                                                         The Sun by Slightly Stoopid, Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson [I love music. I                                                                                                         can listen to it with the best of them. Depends on the mood. Really                                                                                                                   tough to nail down just one- or even just one genre]; Favorite movie(s):                                                                                                           Braveheart, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Surf's Up; Outside of the office: Hiking, Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, hanging out with my kids, museums; Sports: USA Wrestling (Freestyle & Greco), College football- Arizona State [Fork 'em  Devils!]; Teams: Denver Broncos, Arizona Coyotes,  Arizona Diamondbacks,
New Zealand All-Blacks;​ Last book I read: Letters To The Church by Francis Chan; Still My Favorite Book(s): This Present Darkness and Piercing The Darkness both by Frank Peretti; Latest Quote That I Continue To Process: "The seperating point between                 wrestlers is not in knowing a technique... it's in the application of technique at the most critical moment ", Cary Kolat, Head Wrestling Coach, Campbell University, [a side note on this quote: isn't this the Christian walk? It's not in how much scripture            you know but how you apply the scripture you do know in situations when it calls to be applied- right?]

I never want to become stagnate. I want to take from experiences and push forward creatively. I value a strong work ethic that comes prepared and meets deadlines.  I love working with a team to come up with new approaches to creatively visualize
messages. I welcome feedback and input, at the same time, can stand for ideas and explain why something was done a 
particular way.

Take a look at the following pages to get an idea of the variety of projects I've been blessed to be a part of.  Thank you for taking the time to go through my portfolio!

skipping stones​​